Software as a service

The customers do not pay for the software itself, but for its usage

Cloud Mobile
in 60 seconds

With Cloud Mobile you don't need to purchase and install anything on your pc and server. It is delivered as a service and includes:

  • Licence with unlimited users and workstations
  • Highly-reliable server environment
  • Backup and data security
  • Access through SSL security certificates
  • Constant evolutionary upgrade
  • Desktop, tablet and smartphone availability
  • Real-time price list updating
  • Assistance through ticketing system and by phone

This results in significant savings in both initial investment and company's IT resources.

In fact, you can pay Cloud Mobile through an all-inclusive monthly fee!


Software as a Service is a software delivery model in which a software producer develops, hosts (directly or through a third party) and manages a web application and makes it available to its customers over the Internet. The concept of "software as a service" started to circulate in 2000 in association with Tim O'Reilly essay on "The Open Source Paradigm Shift" and with brands such as WebEx Communications and Remote Business.


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