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Global security

Cloud Mobile relies on high quality professional security services in planning and carrying out maintenance operations. In order to ensure data security even in the unlikely event of catastrophic scenarios, we perform many data replications.

Cloud Mobile resides on next-generation data centers called Cloud Infrastructures, where resource redundancy ensures service continuity and data preservation.
Cloud Mobile performs different types of data backup activities, as well as a weekly backup of the entire system. Data backups updated to the previous night are also available. The suppliers chosen by Cloud Mobile are certified as follows:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems Certification - Certified site Viale G.Marconi, 310 Pescara
  • ISO 20000-1:2011 Information technology - Service management Certification - Certified site Viale G.Marconi, 310 Pescara
  • ISO 27001:2013 Information security management systems Certification - Certified site Lazio, 9/a Frosinone, Via Caldera, 21 - 20153 Milano

The customer database backups are placed at the following server farms:

  • MILAN (production environment and main backup) *
  • FROSINONE (production environment and main backup) 
  • PESCARA (remote backup service at our headquarter)

Backup Policy and Disaster Recovery

Our company adopts specific backup procedures for each type of service; the minimum backup performance is as follows:

  1. A backup of all data in the archives is run every day. The backup data is stored both on hard disks and on removable tapes;
  2. The backup is automatically run through IBM TIVOLI TSM management central system; the same central system monitors the backup performance and ensures correct backup cycles. The removable storage media containing specific data, if not used, are destroyed or returned unused.
  3. The recovery procedures restore data in an appropriate spool area that is different from the area of production. The recovered data are then validated through manual or automatic inspection and then put back in the production archives.

Any interruption of service not connected with the loss of data, but resulting from connection problems and / or malfunction of hardware devices (servers, terminals, routers) is treated independently from the archives management / conservation. For backup procedures, verification and Disaster Recovery we make use of the specific IBM Tivoli TSM software. The software ensures that the backup is run according to the laid down procedures, it also checks the content of the backup copies, and their consistency with the files to be protected. Tivoli TSM also manages the assessment of Disaster Recovery procedures for the backup data. Physically, the data is stored in special tape cartridges, usually housed in autoloaders.

File storage technologies

For the storage of files containing personal data, Cloud Mobile uses the Cloud Object Storage technology that lets you store large amounts of data accessible through Amazon S3 protocol. It is an innovative and revolutionary approach, that is not bound up with the old idea of file system and has unique features.
(*) Note: only some customers


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